19 Aug 2012

Google Analytics – Tag Everything!

Google Analytics – Tag Everything!
Scenario: You send out your latest blog post to all of your Social Media profiles hoping to gain some targeted traffic. You check back a day later to see what platform gave you the most bang for your buck... what do you see? Great! You see a spike in overall traffic and some referral traffic from th read more
26 Jan 2012

Your Company’s Online Footprint

Your Company’s Online Footprint
Years ago I used to tell clients- "Keep everything on your website, videos, pdf's, presentations, etc- We want them on your website!" Although we still want people coming to your website, we just can't ignore that people spend more time on other websites than yours! There are so many ways to get you read more
27 Jun 2011

How To Determine Changes On Your Website Redesign

How To Determine Changes On Your Website Redesign
Every two or so years, websites can get to look a bit old. For every year in real life, the Internet goes through 12. Part of the reason for this innovation is Social Media. Social Media allows a massive amount of people to communicate and collaborate on projects, code, design, and just about everyt read more
16 Jun 2011

Mobile Search Engine Habits

What are we doing while away from our computers? We've all heard someone say "Can't you just stay off of that phone for a second!" (usually the person saying it is guilty of the same thing). At Google’s latest event, we’re shown how our search habits have been changed by our mobile devices. Goo read more
25 Dec 2010

Getting Your Business On Facebook

500 million users. That’s how many people are on Facebook as of last summer. 7 hours. That’s how much time people spend on Facebook per month. Those are just some of the staggering stats on Facebook. If you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years, let me explain Facebook in a nutshell. read more
14 Aug 2010

Your Main Blog Page- Summaries or Full Articles?

I’m often asked by both business and personal bloggers if they should have their whole blog posts showing on the front page of their blog, or if should they only show the summaries. I've prefer to set up Blogs for clients the way I liked to read them - with summaries or the beginning XXX number of read more
2 Jul 2010

Thank You Edmonton

Thank You Edmonton
I want to take the time to thank the Edmonton Construction Association and their members for welcoming me to their country... if only for 24 hours. The only issues were small ones -3 hours of sleep, clearing Customs, missing shirt button. However, the people who attended made it so worth it! You guy read more
25 Jun 2010

Foursquare for Business

Been wondering why all those people in your Facebook timeline are telling you where they currently are with a link to a map? All you can think of is how vain your friends have become. Kind of. If you didn’t read my post about Location Based Networking, I’ll bring you up to date and go a bit mor read more
4 Jun 2010

Goodie Two Shoes

I wanted to take this time to acknowledge a great charity that we have located right here in Las Vegas. Tony and Nikki Berti run Goodie Two Shoes, which is a charity that provides disadvantaged children with brand new shoes. They's teamed up with companies like Zappos', Las Vegas Review Jour read more
3 Jun 2010

WIIFM – Remember Your Analytics Basics Part 1

I was talking to a friend and respected business partner Barb Helfman. She told me a great story about how much money UPS saved in gas just by adjusting their routes to make as many right turns as possible. See, their trucks didn't have to wait and idle at stop lights at right turns (except in New Y read more

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