Be Where Everyone Is


Love them or hate them, Social Media platforms aren't going away anytime soon. As a matter of fact, there are new ones popping up at an incredible rate. How do these Social Media companies make all of their money if it's free to join? Allowing businesses to advertise to their users.

Many Social Media platforms know an incredible amount of information about it's users. They know what they like, what news they follow, hobbies they like, who their relatives and friends are, where they spend their time, and much, much, more. (Yes, it's very intrusive!)

With all of that knowledge they can customize their ad platforms to allow businesses to target prospects in their specific demographic. Be it, location, interests, age, friends of friends, and so much more.

As examples- Gyms can target people who have healthy lifestyles. Restaurants can target people in specific areas at specific times and present dinner specials.

There are so many Social Media platforms out there, where do you start? We help you decide on which ones to use as well as keeping an eye on new ones coming up.

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