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If you're a business owner, you understand the importance of attracting new customers and clients. In earlier times, calls, referrals and leads played a major role in helping to gain a loyal following. Today, however, the world has gone online. Google, for instance, has racked up as many as six billion Internet searches in a single day.

What are these people looking for? More to the point, if they’re searching for goods or services you’re selling, will they even find you if you don’t have a website?

The answer is clear. Unless your company’s name appears in their search results, potential customers might never know your company exists. In other words, if you want to succeed in today’s online, Internet driven world, you’re business is going to need a professional, well designed, custom website.

What Your Website Will Do for You

It may come as a shock to some, but in an age that has gone so thoroughly digital, many companies still lack an online presence. These businesses have one thing in common: Until they get with the program, they’re bound to be left in the dust.

Our Complete Website Design & Development will:

  • Increase your company’s credibility. Since the vast majority of successful companies today have websites of their own, it’s hard for people to trust the ones that don’t. A page that is informational, simple to navigate and free of extraneous distractions will lend your business that essential air of authority and integrity. There may be no better way to attract new customers and keep them in your corner once you’ve got them.
  • Offer convenience. Few brick-and-mortars can stay accessible all around the clock. Your website, on the other hand, is always open, allowing clients and customers to access you at any time and from any place they choose. It’s easy for them and profitable for you.
  • Grow your sales. A business website provides you with a cost-effective means of selling your company’s products and services without breaking the bank. Good web design can make the smallest enterprise appear important and successful. This vital boost to your company’s brand builds consumer confidence and increases the likelihood that they will use your service, attend your venue or purchase products from you. Best of all, it allows potential clients to access you whenever and from wherever they want. It’s a 24/7 advertisement at no extra expense.
  • Be viewable on all devices. Our custom websites are always “responsive”. Responsive websites “respond” to the width of the device people are viewing it on so it looks great on desktops, big tablets, small tablets, big phones, small phones, and everything in between.

It goes without saying that a great website can serve as the centerpiece of any online marketing effort. It is, after all, the landing spot to which all advertisements lead. Done right, it becomes a tool for turning casual visitors into lasting clients. That leaves just one question: How can you pull this off?

Personalized, Professional Services Matter

At Dot Xero, we put it all together for you. We provide complete custom website designs built specifically for your company and industry. Once our mockups are approved by you, our website developers take the mockup and put it online. We can also pack it full of unique, industry relevant content that offers potential clients the information they need while establishing your company as a leader in its field.

We know that a well-drafted website will:

  • Be easy to navigate. Visitors won’t waste any time trying to get the information they need. If it’s easy to get around your site, they may stick around for a while.
  • Allow you to make any changes you want with no coding experience required. That means you’ll be able to add your own blog posts, post your own pictures and upload videos with very little effort. These things permit you to make your website yours and yours alone. We use WordPress as the CMS (Content Management System).
  • Have clear calls-to-action. Making it very easy to contact you once a prospect is on the fence about getting in touch.
  • Maintain a subscriber database. This information, if you choose to collect it, will greatly benefit future advertising efforts.

At Dot Xero, our personalized, website services ensure that your website’s design ties in neatly with your vision and your business goals. This is the difference between just hiring someone to design your website, and hiring a digital marketing agency to make it. We look past the launch of your website. This starts with a conversation about your goals for the website. How will you use it once it’s live? Will you blog on it? Will you be sharing pages to Social Media? We naturally want to learn what you’re looking for, but we won’t stop there. We will also use our years of experience in online marketing to offer suggestions and options for making your website an integral part of your business. This will ensure that the choices you make are the most beneficial for you.

That’s not all. We will also incorporate the best seo (search engine optimization) practices into the heart of your website. Our years of online marketing experience means not only ensuring that your site meets current guidelines for ideal search engine optimization but also giving you guidance on email marketing, pay-per-click advertising and that modern must-have marketing tool, a strong social media presence.

As Dot Xero’s owner, I want to be sure that you make the appropriate decisions. Our clients appreciate the fact that in addition to staying close to and on top of their projects, I will often take the lead. This allows me to make certain you’re a happy client.

At Dot Xero, we care more about building long-lasting relationships than we do about growing a large clientele. This is why we will never lock you into a contract. We would much prefer to earn your ongoing business through hard work, dedication to detail and most importantly, a dependable one-on-one connection.

Even though we’re located in Las Vegas, NV, we have clients from coast to coast, and are even trusted by people outside the country.

Don’t Take Chances with Your Website Design!

In today’s technological marketplace, a substandard website can actually harm your business. Professional website design, on the other hand, will surely encourage success. You can always trust Dot Xero to know the difference. Contact us with the contact form, or call 702-490-9455.