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Las Vegas Social Media Seminar Recap

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I had a ball last week when I gave the Social Media seminar at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. We had about 20 people there with all varying degrees of Social Media experience. Some people were very much into Twitter and Blogging and some heard the words for the first time, but I tried to start b... read more

Your Website – Building a Plan

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"Everyone else has a website" is not a good website plan when deciding to get online or redo your current website. Getting your website plan is a lot like establishing a business plan with the following categories: Name: You've put a lot of effort into naming your business. You should put the sam... read more

Website Build Checklist

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Congratulations, you've finally decided to get a website for your business. Communication during the build of your website is critical in getting you the final product that you want. I've compiled a checklist that might help you communicate what you want from your website. What is your company's m... read more

Social Media Described… without words…

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I received an email from Paola Pozzessere telling me about the new video she made for her website. Paola's concept is great- Communicate without words so people can learn through pictures. Paola's website is notinwords, and has videos about Preparing for Pregnancy (hopefully I won't need anytime so... read more

Website Design on

Posted on January 24, 2009 by | Comments are off

Well, "Change" has come already... To the website. I'm know everyone has their feelings about our new President, but I'll share one of my feelings about the new administration... The new Whitehouse website kicks butt. No sooner did our new President take office and our first "Interne... read more

Search Results with Google Search Wiki

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Notice anything different when you do a Google Search? If you're logged in to Google, check you're search results page after doing a search and you'll see what I mean. You'll see that you can adjust the rankings on the search results page by clicking the light gray buttons on the right of each indiv... read more

Keep Your Website Visitors Longer pt 2

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So now people are going to your site. However from your Analytics (Site stats) you're seeing that people are leaving after the 1st page (Bounce rate). Or, they're spending mere seconds on your site instead of the hours that you'd like. Here are some more tips to keep them on your site longer. How ... read more

Keep Your Website Visitors Longer pt 1

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Wanna keep people on your site longer?  Well, here are some basic things you can change (if needed) on your own site that can increase the chances of them sticking around. Are they "musts"?  Absolutely not.  There are no rules for websites, but why re-invent the wheel?  If peopl... read more

Check your website’s functions!

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Just a quick note.  I was checking a friend's website today.  I filled out his "Contact Us" form and hit "submit"... nothing.  I hit it again and again...  Now keep in mind that I'm not his Internet Guy!   Either he was gonna have 7 emails from me, or none.  I immediat... read more

What’s Your Website’s Comfort Level?

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I always say it: The Internet is a cold, dark, impersonal place.  Just because a business has a website doesn't mean they have good customer service, or that they'll "do the right thing" when push comes to shove.  Visitors know this info and automatically have their guard up when they vi... read more