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Google: “Speed Will Affect Rankings”

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December last year, I Blogged about how Google will use your website load speed as one of the factors in how your website ranks in the their Search Engine. The Search Engine Optimization community was buzzing about this since Google made their official announcement last week. Matt Cutts fom Google,... read more

Website Video Tips

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It's way past time to add video to your website. Whether you want a dedicated video page or just want to add video to your blog articles, there are some great tools out there. In this Blog, I want to go over some common video tips you should consider before firing up the video camera/webcam. YouTub... read more

What are Businesses Doing on Facebook and Twitter?

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"Okay Will, I'm on Facebook and Twitter, now what?" OK, so maybe I recommend (read: yell) to my clients about the power of Social Media Marketing and Networking. What are businesses doing on Facebook and Twitter? Here's a rundown [Souce: eConsultancy: Full Report]: 55% Facebook 50% Twitter: I... read more

Ratings and Reviews on Your Website

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When setting up an eCommerce website for a client sometimes they have the option to have ratings and reviews for their products. I'm a bit surprised by how many clients choose to opt-out of this feature. Many think that people will just post a bad review because it can be anonymous. Others think the... read more

Is it Time for a Website Makeover?

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"Twenty Ten", I've heard is the "official" way to say our new year. A brand new year is a great time for a website check. Does yours need an update? How can you tell if your website is old? Here's my list of "You might need a Website Makeover..." If your website is left justified and people get wh... read more

Google and Tom Cruise have the Need for Speed

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Google has "the need, the need for speed". Google is on a mission to make the Internet faster. First came the release of Google's web browser named Chrome. Google proved that they can raise the speed standard for web browsers by making a web browser themselves called Chrome, which is lightning quic... read more

Google Gets Real Time

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Google just announced yesterday that their Search Engine is going real time. News broke on October 21st that Google went into a contract with Twitter to include tweets in their search results. A few days later they had their Social Search as part of their search results. Users would be able to searc... read more

Website Content Checklist

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You've stopped procrastinating and finally hired someone to design and develop your website. So, now you can sit back, wait a month or two and see what results the people you hired came up with. No! Not the case! Your work has started too. We need content! Some items you'll need to collect: Comp... read more

Google and Keyword Metatags

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Matt Cutts from Google just confiirmed what most of us already knew... Google doesn't use the keywords meta-tag at all. The bottom line is that if you don't want to show visitors the words on your website, they shouldn't count. This makes sense, because there are some less than honest people who wou... read more

Is your Website Living up to its Potential?

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*POW* I just gave you your own cable channel and told you that you can promote your business with it however you want. Would you accept it? Of course you would! Now what if I told you you have the same ability with your website? Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don't utilize it, but you can treat... read more