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YouTube Videos and Search

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YouTube Videos and Search
I hear it all the time from clients and prospects. "We guarantee you first page of [Google, YouTube, Google News...]". Please keep this in mind, when someone in my industry says the word "guarantee" in regards to Google, take it like a grain of salt. Google even tells you to beware of guarantees ... read more

5 Things You Need To Stop Doing With Your Website. Right Now.

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5 Things You Need To Stop Doing With Your Website. Right Now.
1: Autoplaying video Picture yourself in your office cubicle. You remember that you need to find out about that weight loss product. You go to a website, and BOOM, sound from the website's weight loss infomercial starts blaring out of your computer speakers. You frantically start playing Wack-A-Mo... read more

Become The Authority In Your Industry Part 1

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Some people say knowledge is power. I disagree. Fill your head with information about a subject, sit on the couch all day and don't use it- and you have no power. None. So let's change that saying around a bit- How about "Use of knowledge is power." If your career isn't just a job, and you have a p... read more

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Why You Should Have a Video Channel

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Businesses owners know that they need to keep themselves in front of their prospects on a consistent basis so they're thought of when the prospect needs their services. Staying on top of search engine results pages  is always important. With all of Google's algorithm changes recently, the import... read more