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Make A Better User Experience

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Make A Better User Experience
It doesn't matter what your intended message was, what matters is what your audience heard. The onus falls on the communicator. I touched on this in a blog post a couple of weeks back that included a rant about not using industry jargon on your website, but it's worth going more in depth. When mak... read more

5 Things You Need To Stop Doing With Your Website. Right Now.

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5 Things You Need To Stop Doing With Your Website. Right Now.
1: Autoplaying video Picture yourself in your office cubicle. You remember that you need to find out about that weight loss product. You go to a website, and BOOM, sound from the website's weight loss infomercial starts blaring out of your computer speakers. You frantically start playing Wack-A-Mo... read more

WIIFM – Remember Your Analytics Basics Part 1

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I was talking to a friend and respected business partner Barb Helfman. She told me a great story about how much money UPS saved in gas just by adjusting their routes to make as many right turns as possible. See, their trucks didn't have to wait and idle at stop lights at right turns (except in New Y... read more

Google Online Mobile Advertising

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There's a reason why Google's stock is currently at $529. They never sit on their laurels. Once again, Google is leading the way with their Online Advertising products. Announced on January 28th on the Google Mobile Blog, Google has a feature that lets advertisers show a click to call, straight fro... read more

Is it Time for a Website Makeover?

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"Twenty Ten", I've heard is the "official" way to say our new year. A brand new year is a great time for a website check. Does yours need an update? How can you tell if your website is old? Here's my list of "You might need a Website Makeover..." If your website is left justified and people get wh... read more

Google and Tom Cruise have the Need for Speed

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Google has "the need, the need for speed". Google is on a mission to make the Internet faster. First came the release of Google's web browser named Chrome. Google proved that they can raise the speed standard for web browsers by making a web browser themselves called Chrome, which is lightning quic... read more

Keep Your Website Visitors Longer pt 1

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Wanna keep people on your site longer?  Well, here are some basic things you can change (if needed) on your own site that can increase the chances of them sticking around. Are they "musts"?  Absolutely not.  There are no rules for websites, but why re-invent the wheel?  If peopl... read more

What’s Your Website’s Comfort Level?

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I always say it: The Internet is a cold, dark, impersonal place.  Just because a business has a website doesn't mean they have good customer service, or that they'll "do the right thing" when push comes to shove.  Visitors know this info and automatically have their guard up when they vi... read more