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Website Design on

Posted on January 24, 2009 by | Comments are off

Well, "Change" has come already... To the website. I'm know everyone has their feelings about our new President, but I'll share one of my feelings about the new administration... The new Whitehouse website kicks butt. No sooner did our new President take office and our first "Interne... read more

Top 12 List to Prove You’ve Mastered Social Media

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So 2009 is here and you think you finally grasped this whole "Web 2.0" Social Media thing. However, some of you (read as "us") have hit the brink of obsession with it. Here's how you know you'll be ready for Web 3.0 and beyond... #12:  Not only do you have a Twitter account, but you know why you'd... read more

Recession-Proof Your Business with Social Media

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Whether you planned for it or not, you realize that leading your company through these tough economic times falls squarely on your shoulders. Traditional advertising just isn’t bringing in the business for you like it used to. People now Fast Forward past your TV commercials, listen to music witho... read more

Social Media Power

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Obviously, the Internet is constantly evolving. The difference now is that the Internet is no longer a one way conversation. You don't need to have a business website to have a voice online anymore. Like Chuck D. said, "Power to the People!" As users, we can now get what we want, when we want it. ... read more