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2016 New Year Resolutions for Online Marketing

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2016 New Year Resolutions for Online Marketing
2016 is upon us, and of course, I'm late to my New Years Resolution. My resolution was to get this post out before the new year. Since people never know where to get started, I've compiled my list of "kick in the butt" online marketing things to push you in the right direction for a great start to 2... read more

5 Things You Need To Stop Doing With Your Website. Right Now.

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5 Things You Need To Stop Doing With Your Website. Right Now.
1: Autoplaying video Picture yourself in your office cubicle. You remember that you need to find out about that weight loss product. You go to a website, and BOOM, sound from the website's weight loss infomercial starts blaring out of your computer speakers. You frantically start playing Wack-A-Mo... read more

Thank You Edmonton

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Thank You Edmonton
I want to take the time to thank the Edmonton Construction Association and their members for welcoming me to their country... if only for 24 hours. The only issues were small ones -3 hours of sleep, clearing Customs, missing shirt button. However, the people who attended made it so worth it! You guy... read more

Goodie Two Shoes

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I wanted to take this time to acknowledge a great charity that we have located right here in Las Vegas. Tony and Nikki Berti run Goodie Two Shoes, which is a charity that provides disadvantaged children with brand new shoes. They's teamed up with companies like Zappos' 6pm.com, Las Vegas Review Jour... read more

5 Common Social Media Mistakes

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It seems as if every business is jumping into Social Media these days because they're seeing more "Connect with us on Facebook" and "Follow us on Twitter" links on business websites. To their credit, business owners see this and are jumping into waters they might not be used to. However, it's not a... read more

Thank You Vegas Young Professionals

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I was flattered when I was asked to serve as the incoming President of the Vegas Young Professionals (VYP). I can't thank VYP Superwoman Joanna Rodriguez enough for strong arming me suggesting I join VYP years back. It was a great decision for me and my business. I've been a member of the Vegas Y... read more

Google Easter Egg Surprise

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Haha. Check out Google's celebration of 2010. Happy New Year!!!   ... read more

Social Media for Charity

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These are tough times for most of us, especially charities. We're all in this economy together, so if you can't donate to your favorite charity, at least spread the word about it to someone who may be able to help out. Providence St. Vincent Medical Center had their own way of helping Breast Cancer... read more

Social Media Smarts

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Okay people- Time to use our heads. We all know that Social Media is great. It allows us to connect with people we know, people we want to know, and people we didn't know we wanted to know. While more and more people feel comfortable giving their credit card info online when making a purchase, it's ... read more

Twitter isn’t a Website

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A buddy of mine wanted to know what all the Twitter Buzz was about. He mentioned the "F" word..."Fad" and it really made me think about why I feel so strongly that Twitter isn't just a fad. Maybe Twitter will someday be bought by Google, maybe another "Twitter" look-a-like will come out and be be... read more