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Blogging Ideas

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If you know me well enough, you'll know that I tell all of my clients to start Blogging. Many people get excited about it, yet aren't sure what to Blog about. There are Blog idea lists all over the Internet. Well... here's mine You can Blog about: The last conversation topic you had with a client... read more

Website Traffic Using Online Press Releases

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I was speaking with a friend that was working hard to get targeted traffic to his website. The issue was that his site was a portal off of his company. In other words, his site is a template off his main company's site in which he only has access to change certain things... About Me, Contact info, e... read more

What function does your website serve?

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  One of my new sayings is: "Your website shouldn't just promote your business... It should be a part of your business".  People are finally starting to realize that their websites can be used to not only get people to be aware that they're "in business", but to get current clients to cont... read more