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Foursquare for Business

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Been wondering why all those people in your Facebook timeline are telling you where they currently are with a link to a map? All you can think of is how vain your friends have become. Kind of. If you didn’t read my post about Location Based Networking, I’ll bring you up to date and go a bit mor... read more

WIIFM – Remember Your Analytics Basics Part 1

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I was talking to a friend and respected business partner Barb Helfman. She told me a great story about how much money UPS saved in gas just by adjusting their routes to make as many right turns as possible. See, their trucks didn't have to wait and idle at stop lights at right turns (except in New Y... read more

Thanks GSBE

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Thank you Golden State Builders Exchange for giving me a warm welcome at your May 13th 2010 Conference. I had such a great time, I wish I would have booked my flight a bit later so I could have spent more time with all of you. For those that don't know, the Golden State Builders Exchange (GSBE) s... read more

Facebook and Your Privacy II

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Facebook, in an effort to rule the Internet, once again does it at the expense of their users privacy. Not too long ago Facebook caused an uproar when they gave you the option to change their updated privacy settings. Unfortunately the default picks were set for public sharing of your information. S... read more

Location Based Social Networking

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Location based networking takes stalking to a whole new level. Location based Social Networking websites like Foursquare and Gowalla, let you tell your connections where you are. Simple enough, right? So why are these websites getting so much buzz? First, let me explain them. Location based websit... read more

Website Video Tips

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It's way past time to add video to your website. Whether you want a dedicated video page or just want to add video to your blog articles, there are some great tools out there. In this Blog, I want to go over some common video tips you should consider before firing up the video camera/webcam. YouTub... read more

What are Businesses Doing on Facebook and Twitter?

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"Okay Will, I'm on Facebook and Twitter, now what?" OK, so maybe I recommend (read: yell) to my clients about the power of Social Media Marketing and Networking. What are businesses doing on Facebook and Twitter? Here's a rundown [Souce: eConsultancy: Full Report]: 55% Facebook 50% Twitter: I... read more

Google Online Mobile Advertising

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There's a reason why Google's stock is currently at $529. They never sit on their laurels. Once again, Google is leading the way with their Online Advertising products. Announced on January 28th on the Google Mobile Blog, Google has a feature that lets advertisers show a click to call, straight fro... read more

Ratings and Reviews on Your Website

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When setting up an eCommerce website for a client sometimes they have the option to have ratings and reviews for their products. I'm a bit surprised by how many clients choose to opt-out of this feature. Many think that people will just post a bad review because it can be anonymous. Others think the... read more

URL Shorteners for Analytics

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I hear businesses all the time wondering if Social Media is helping their business or not. Let's face it, businesses want to expose themselves to potential clients. So, how can you tell which Social Media platform is working for your business? One way is by checking your website analytics program. ... read more