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Location Based Social Networking

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Location based networking takes stalking to a whole new level. Location based Social Networking websites like Foursquare and Gowalla, let you tell your connections where you are. Simple enough, right? So why are these websites getting so much buzz? First, let me explain them. Location based websit... read more

Google: “Speed Will Affect Rankings”

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December last year, I Blogged about how Google will use your website load speed as one of the factors in how your website ranks in the their Search Engine. The Search Engine Optimization community was buzzing about this since Google made their official announcement last week. Matt Cutts fom Google,... read more

What are Businesses Doing on Facebook and Twitter?

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"Okay Will, I'm on Facebook and Twitter, now what?" OK, so maybe I recommend (read: yell) to my clients about the power of Social Media Marketing and Networking. What are businesses doing on Facebook and Twitter? Here's a rundown [Souce: eConsultancy: Full Report]: 55% Facebook 50% Twitter: I... read more

Google Online Mobile Advertising

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There's a reason why Google's stock is currently at $529. They never sit on their laurels. Once again, Google is leading the way with their Online Advertising products. Announced on January 28th on the Google Mobile Blog, Google has a feature that lets advertisers show a click to call, straight fro... read more

Thank You Vegas Young Professionals

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I was flattered when I was asked to serve as the incoming President of the Vegas Young Professionals (VYP). I can't thank VYP Superwoman Joanna Rodriguez enough for strong arming me suggesting I join VYP years back. It was a great decision for me and my business. I've been a member of the Vegas Y... read more

Google Easter Egg Surprise

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Haha. Check out Google's celebration of 2010. Happy New Year!!!   ... read more

Google and Tom Cruise have the Need for Speed

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Google has "the need, the need for speed". Google is on a mission to make the Internet faster. First came the release of Google's web browser named Chrome. Google proved that they can raise the speed standard for web browsers by making a web browser themselves called Chrome, which is lightning quic... read more

Facebook and Your Privacy

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For everyone that has a Facebook account, big privacy changes are taking place. Facebook says this will be a major benefit, but for whom? Facebook, in their effort to grow more into Twitter's realm of "Real Time Web" wants to make your public timeline (and all of your other information) like Twitte... read more

Social Media for Charity

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These are tough times for most of us, especially charities. We're all in this economy together, so if you can't donate to your favorite charity, at least spread the word about it to someone who may be able to help out. Providence St. Vincent Medical Center had their own way of helping Breast Cancer... read more

Social Media Smarts

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Okay people- Time to use our heads. We all know that Social Media is great. It allows us to connect with people we know, people we want to know, and people we didn't know we wanted to know. While more and more people feel comfortable giving their credit card info online when making a purchase, it's ... read more