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Google and Tom Cruise have the Need for Speed

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Google has "the need, the need for speed". Google is on a mission to make the Internet faster. First came the release of Google's web browser named Chrome. Google proved that they can raise the speed standard for web browsers by making a web browser themselves called Chrome, which is lightning quic... read more

URL Shorteners for Analytics

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I hear businesses all the time wondering if Social Media is helping their business or not. Let's face it, businesses want to expose themselves to potential clients. So, how can you tell which Social Media platform is working for your business? One way is by checking your website analytics program. ... read more

Is your Website Living up to its Potential?

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*POW* I just gave you your own cable channel and told you that you can promote your business with it however you want. Would you accept it? Of course you would! Now what if I told you you have the same ability with your website? Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don't utilize it, but you can treat... read more

Are your visitors Bouncing?

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Are your visitors Bouncing?
Problem: You're very involved in Internet Marketing for your website and you're getting lots of visitors, but no one's staying! Even worse, they're leaving after the first page. This frustration is called The Dreaded "Bounce Rate". Avinash Kaushik, The Analytics Evangelist for Google, describes B... read more

Website Analytics 101

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Do you lay awake at night wondering who's visiting your website? Okay... Maybe not, but hopefully I can convince some of you about the importance of knowing visitor information and their behaviors on your website. Besides wanting to know who's visiting your website, from a business standpoint it's ... read more