14 May 2010

Thanks GSBE

Thank you Golden State Builders Exchange for giving me a warm welcome at your May 13th 2010 Conference. I had such a great time, I wish I would have booked my flight a bit later so I could have spent more time with all of you. For those that don't know, the Golden State Builders Exchange (GSBE) s read more
2 May 2010

Facebook and Your Privacy II

Facebook, in an effort to rule the Internet, once again does it at the expense of their users privacy. Not too long ago Facebook caused an uproar when they gave you the option to change their updated privacy settings. Unfortunately the default picks were set for public sharing of your information. S read more
28 Apr 2010

Does Your Website Traffic Compare?

Happy 5 year takeover Google. 5 years ago today Google acquired the website analytics program Urchin How convenient that I spoke to a client today about their Google Analytics numbers. We went over the usual stuff- working on keeping people on the website longer, getting the bounce rate to drop, et read more
21 Apr 2010

5 Common Social Media Mistakes

It seems as if every business is jumping into Social Media these days because they're seeing more "Connect with us on Facebook" and "Follow us on Twitter" links on business websites. To their credit, business owners see this and are jumping into waters they might not be used to. However, it's not a read more
18 Apr 2010

Location Based Social Networking

Location based networking takes stalking to a whole new level. Location based Social Networking websites like Foursquare and Gowalla, let you tell your connections where you are. Simple enough, right? So why are these websites getting so much buzz? First, let me explain them. Location based websit read more
13 Apr 2010

Google: “Speed Will Affect Rankings”

December last year, I Blogged about how Google will use your website load speed as one of the factors in how your website ranks in the their Search Engine. The Search Engine Optimization community was buzzing about this since Google made their official announcement last week. Matt Cutts fom Google, read more
30 Mar 2010

Website Video Tips

It's way past time to add video to your website. Whether you want a dedicated video page or just want to add video to your blog articles, there are some great tools out there. In this Blog, I want to go over some common video tips you should consider before firing up the video camera/webcam. YouTub read more
7 Mar 2010

What are Businesses Doing on Facebook and Twitter?

"Okay Will, I'm on Facebook and Twitter, now what?" OK, so maybe I recommend (read: yell) to my clients about the power of Social Media Marketing and Networking. What are businesses doing on Facebook and Twitter? Here's a rundown [Souce: eConsultancy: Full Report]: 55% Facebook 50% Twitter: I read more
13 Feb 2010

Hiring a Social Media Employee – Part 2

In part 1, I posed the questions of how to hire a full time Social Media emloyee to three people I respect in the Social Media. Now, it's Darin Berntson. otherwise known to the free-world as "Doc". Doc is the owner of All Aces Marketing, Inc. Throw a comment on Doc's Blog and follow him on Twitte read more
10 Feb 2010

Hiring a Social Media Employee – Part 1

I spoke at the International Builders Exchange Executives (IBEE) convention here in Las Vegas and I was hit with a great question: "What qualities should we look for when hiring a Social Media employee?" I guess I made them believers ;-) Since this is a bit of an opinion based subject, I thought I' read more

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