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Website Traffic Using Online Press Releases

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I was speaking with a friend that was working hard to get targeted traffic to his website. The issue was that his site was a portal off of his company. In other words, his site is a template off his main company's site in which he only has access to change certain things... About Me, Contact info, e... read more

Google Chrome Review

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Ahh Chrome. Brings back memories of my 1980 Cutlass Supreme. Chrome has been in the news lately because of Google- and it's not my old car rims that everyone's talking about (they must not have seen them). Google has jumped head first into the browser wars with their new web browser- called Chrome ... read more

Keep Your Website Visitors Longer pt 2

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So now people are going to your site. However from your Analytics (Site stats) you're seeing that people are leaving after the 1st page (Bounce rate). Or, they're spending mere seconds on your site instead of the hours that you'd like. Here are some more tips to keep them on your site longer. How ... read more

Keep Your Website Visitors Longer pt 1

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Wanna keep people on your site longer?  Well, here are some basic things you can change (if needed) on your own site that can increase the chances of them sticking around. Are they "musts"?  Absolutely not.  There are no rules for websites, but why re-invent the wheel?  If peopl... read more

Get your website indexed

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Get your website indexed
So you have a website up, and now you're waiting for visitors... and waiting... and waiting... Time to find out if your site is indexed.  To check it- go to Google or another Search Engine (SE) and in the search bar type:  (replace "mysite" with your website name) This... read more

Check your website Part II

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A good friend of mine asked me why was it that when he typed his exact company/website name into Google, his website didn't come up under the results.  His website's been up for about 4 months, and this is not a good thing!  We even typed his address into the Google search bar (not the htt... read more

Check your website’s functions!

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Just a quick note.  I was checking a friend's website today.  I filled out his "Contact Us" form and hit "submit"... nothing.  I hit it again and again...  Now keep in mind that I'm not his Internet Guy!   Either he was gonna have 7 emails from me, or none.  I immediat... read more

What’s Your Website’s Comfort Level?

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I always say it: The Internet is a cold, dark, impersonal place.  Just because a business has a website doesn't mean they have good customer service, or that they'll "do the right thing" when push comes to shove.  Visitors know this info and automatically have their guard up when they vi... read more

What function does your website serve?

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  One of my new sayings is: "Your website shouldn't just promote your business... It should be a part of your business".  People are finally starting to realize that their websites can be used to not only get people to be aware that they're "in business", but to get current clients to cont... read more

SEO- A lesson at someone else’s expense

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  We can learn a lot about Search Engine Optimization from the Google Bombing incident at the end of January directed at the Church of Scientology.  A Google Bomb is when Search Engine Rankings are influenced by a group of people linking certain words in the link text toward that site.... read more