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Social Media – You Draw the Line

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You've finally embraced Social Networking! Now... How do you know who to accept invitations with on these Social Networking websites? Just remember: Social Media is your experience. Your individual experience. You set the rules for your goals, whatever they may be. I have friends who accept invitat... read more

Website Content Checklist

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You've stopped procrastinating and finally hired someone to design and develop your website. So, now you can sit back, wait a month or two and see what results the people you hired came up with. No! Not the case! Your work has started too. We need content! Some items you'll need to collect: Comp... read more

Is Social Media a Fad?

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I spoke to a great group of Las Vegas Business owners last week. I generally start off my Social Media Presentations with the question: Is Social Media a Fad? By the end of the seminar, I hope they pulled enough from it that they realize it isn't, but I want them to understand why. The answer is s... read more

Blogging Ideas

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If you know me well enough, you'll know that I tell all of my clients to start Blogging. Many people get excited about it, yet aren't sure what to Blog about. There are Blog idea lists all over the Internet. Well... here's mine You can Blog about: The last conversation topic you had with a client... read more

Google and Keyword Metatags

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Matt Cutts from Google just confiirmed what most of us already knew... Google doesn't use the keywords meta-tag at all. The bottom line is that if you don't want to show visitors the words on your website, they shouldn't count. This makes sense, because there are some less than honest people who wou... read more

Social Media Smarts

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Okay people- Time to use our heads. We all know that Social Media is great. It allows us to connect with people we know, people we want to know, and people we didn't know we wanted to know. While more and more people feel comfortable giving their credit card info online when making a purchase, it's ... read more

Blogging and Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization for your website is a lot more that just adding the correct meta keywords (which are all but irrelevant these days) to the code of your website. Essential to any good Search Engine Optimization strategy is getting incoming links from other websites. Incoming links aren't... read more

Is your Website Living up to its Potential?

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*POW* I just gave you your own cable channel and told you that you can promote your business with it however you want. Would you accept it? Of course you would! Now what if I told you you have the same ability with your website? Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don't utilize it, but you can treat... read more

Las Vegas Social Media Seminar Recap

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I had a ball last week when I gave the Social Media seminar at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. We had about 20 people there with all varying degrees of Social Media experience. Some people were very much into Twitter and Blogging and some heard the words for the first time, but I tried to start b... read more

Your Website – Building a Plan

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"Everyone else has a website" is not a good website plan when deciding to get online or redo your current website. Getting your website plan is a lot like establishing a business plan with the following categories: Name: You've put a lot of effort into naming your business. You should put the sam... read more