How to Grow Your Email List

Email MarketingEmail marketing allows you to stay in front of your target audience with valuable information on a consistent basis. If the information you provide people with is good, you’ll have earned their trust just by getting it in front of them. there’s a chance that eventually they’ll need your services and since you’ve been emailing them, they’ll reach out to you.

We get approached by clients and prospects all the time saying they want to start an email campaign. Many times they think that it’s easy to buy a list and just send it. That doesn’t work well.

For one thing, email is opt-in, so you have to get someone’s permission before you put them on an email marketing list. Sometimes it’s double opt-in, meaning you have to submit your email, receive an email with a confirmation link and click that. That prevents you from putting your mother-in-law on someone’s list.

How do you build it?

When you’re aware of it, you’ll realize that you’re constantly crossing paths with people whenever you leave the house. Now we’re not advocating walking up to people in the supermarket and asking every stranger if they want your industry tips. But there are many times when a conversation is started and people usually get to the question, what is it you do? If they’re interested, they’ll ask you questions about it. For example: If you’re in the insurance field, they may ask you why rates are rising. They may ask you if they should increase their policy on their home. You can tell them that you cover questions just like these in your monthly email. Ask them if they’d like to be on your list and ask them their email address. Super easy. They may not need insurance now, but when they look to change their policy, you have a better chance now that you have a connection with them.

Believe it or not, a lot of times it’s even easier than that. If you attend local networking events, like your Chamber of Commerce, people are used exchanging business cards. Once you ask them about their business (and truly listen when they speak!), then they’ll probably ask about yours. If they seem interested, then you should ask if they’d like to receive your email about your industry news and tips. Make sure when you exchange business cards, you mark that they wanted to receive it so you know when you get in front of your computer.

Let’s face it, we all get inundated with emails. When mentioning your emails, make sure you let your new friend know the frequency of your emails so they don’t get reluctant to accept. If someone tells me, once a month, or even once every 2 weeks, I feel I can deal with that. If they don’t mention how often I’ll receive them, my head starts thinking 1-2x per day!


Yep, you can get people onto your email marketing campaigns through your day to day emails. You may have met people at a networking event, dog park, or super market and didn’t use the above advice or didn’t have an email marketing campaign yet. There’s a good chance they still may reach out and email you for advice. If you’re into giving advice to them before they attain your services, then make sure you get them on your email list. At the end of your friendly¬† advice email, if you haven’t gained them as a client yet, let them know that these are the types of things you answer in your emails which would make them a more knowledgeable consumer.

We recommend using Constant Contact as an email partner. You can find out more with the link below.

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