What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

AMP WebsiteWondering what that lightning bolt is when you see links displayed on Google’s search results, on Facebook and Twitter?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages project, familiarly known as AMP, is the next best thing in the mobile Internet world, and its greatest talents center on the insanely rapid speed at which it lets your pages load.

The publishers and technology experts who developed this open-source initiative realized one vitally important fact: that most users who access the internet on mobile devices have no intention of sitting around waiting to access a site. Slow web pages go hand in hand with high bounce rates. If your pages load at a snail’s pace or fail to load at all, that’s one more potential client lost to the competition.

When it comes to the mobile internet, speed rules, and if your website is stuck in molasses, people are going to notice.

The Amplified Benefits of AMP

How does AMP accelerate a mobile page? It all comes down to restrictions. AMP’s developers have taken basic HTML and put it on a diet. By stripping away all extraneous capabilities, incorporating streamlined CSS and banning JavaScript entirely, they have fashioned an aerodynamic approach that forces sluggish pages to get with the program.

While AMP does get your pages up in a hurry, though, it does far more than that. Its format encourages user interaction, enhances ad distribution and inspires visitors to subscribe. AMP also provides a robust library of web components that permit mobile websites to easily:

  • Collect analytical data.
  • Display advertising.
  • Embed social posts, videos and other desirable media objects.

The provision of a compatible technical reciprocity between your pages is one of the means by which AMP is able to speed up their load times. However, the key to AMP’s technological genius lies in its caching capabilities. The technique of storing files in the cloud-based Google AMP cache reduces the time involved in getting them to the visitor’s mobile apparatus. This free-of charge cloud format also makes your content available for easy caching by third-party users.

AMP’s Open-Source Benefit

By making the AMP project open-source, its developers have enabled users to share ideas and contribute their own code, all with the common aim of speeding up the mobile web.

The platform works well with all types of published content, and its basis in pre-existing web technologies ensures that the learning curve will not be very steep. If you want to upgrade your existing pages, making them compatible will take little effort.

Best of all, anyone can play this game. Creators, publishers and web owners alike can now produce AMP files whose content is easily crawled, indexed, cached and displayed.

Advertising on Accelerated Mobile Pages

One of the AMP project’s major goals concerns the effective monetization of your advertising efforts. Its developers want your ads to make you money, and that’s why AMP supports such a wide range of advertising technologies, formats and networks. In the interests of getting your banners before the public, they all bend their efforts toward getting them to load quickly, safely and in a manner designed to pull readers in and encourage them to engage.

Of course, as a business owner, you will have complete control over your advertising inventory. AMP will provide a wide variety of promotional sources and formats from which to choose while allowing you to direct their placement and to keep a close eye on your viewership stats. You will even have the option of selling off your ad stock if you wish.

AMP Subscriptions and Paywalls

Many business owners have recognized the benefit of attracting subscribers to their websites while at the same time permitting guest visitors to sample their content. Some ways of doing this include:

  • Allowing limited free access.
  • Permitting an abbreviated number of searches.
  • Providing a subset of content fragments.
  • Encouraging users to sign up and subscribe to the page for a fee.

AMP’s flexible framework of access makes it easy for the business owner interested in employing these techniques to choose an appropriate system of user identification and authentication to facilitate the employment of subscription and paywall models.

Better Search Rankings

As every modern web owner quickly learns, a site that fails to scale the heights in Google’s search results is a site that will never receive much traffic. In today’s increasingly on-the-go world, pages incompatible with mobile technology are the ones most likely to suffer this fate. When it comes to good search rankings, mobile-friendly pages enjoy a huge advantage since so many people search from their phones. Today’s online searcher demands instant gratification. The first relevant result that appears is the one on which he’s most likely to click.

The ability to elevate search engine rankings has proven to be one of Google AMP’s greatest attractions, but AMP does more than just push pages up the ladder of results. It goes on to display a green lightning bolt beside the listing of every page that uses its technology. This identifier tells users what they want to hear: That they’ve found one speedy website that will honor their sense of urgency and never waste their time.

Growing Profits for the Business Owner

A study conducted by Aberdeen Group has shown that every second of delay in page-load time results in 11 percent fewer views, 16 percent more disgruntled consumers and 7 percent fewer conversions. On the other hand, pages that load more quickly encourage users to stick around, giving the business owner additional time to increase sales and potentially reap the profits of click-through advertisements. In addition, users who remain on your site are not only more likely to view additional pages but also to potentially share them on social media, thereby extending your advertising reach.

In an impatient world of users in a hurry, the website that plays well with mobile technology is the website most likely to succeed. Google hopes that its efforts in using Accelerated Mobile Pages in it’s search results when you’r mobile will directly contribute to an ideal experience for users of the mobile web. By combining faster page-load speeds with vastly improved opportunities for user engagement, Google believes that the AMP technology can only result in benefits for all concerned.

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