3.3 Ways To Get Blog Ideas

Are you getting enough traffic to your website? There’s a good chance that your 7 page website (with no blog) just isn’t cutting it.

In order to gain traffic and come up in searches, you need to add industry relevant content on a continual basis (not only to your website, but to the Internet in general, but that’s a post for another day). More content will help your website come up when people search for your services (search engine optimization), since every page you add is another ticket in Google’s not-so-random lottery.

New content on your website will also give you something to share with email marketing, and through your social media accounts.

What should I write about? Here are 3.3 ideas that I’m sure can help.

How your company is addressing [pressing industry news topic]

You love to think that you have it all figured out. Then some news comes along that throws your industry for a loop. It’s something that really should be addressed because everyone that you know is calling and asking you about it.

For instance, you have an IT company and news of the security vulnerability the Heartbleed bug just came out. You can use your blog to describe what the Heartbleed bug is, how it affects people, and clear up any confusion that’s out there. You can explain that your clients are safe because you’ve already closed the vulnerability on all of the servers that you maintain. That’s a post that’s timely, helpful, about your industry, and about your company. Excellent. No need to send them elsewhere for info.

When the real estate bubble burst here in Las Vegas, people were looking everywhere for answers. Should they short sell, foreclose or wait it out while under water? In this case, you probably can’t give them a specific answer, but you can help explain how they determine their current situation.

These are great informative posts that should be written (as all content should) in your own words.

When people ask you about the topic, you can ask them for their email and tell them that you’ll send them the link to the specific post on your website. Oh and if they don’t mind… “can you add them to your email newsletter which contains more good info?”

The forecast post

Every industry has it’s “latest news”. Here in Las Vegas, our economy has been a hot topic for years. Everyone wrote and spoke about our future ad nauseam. Everyone had an opinion on the forecast for the near and far future. I’m sure you’ve read these posts and said “This person is clueless”. Maybe they are. Maybe instead of shouting at your computer screen, you can help people by putting your thoughts about it out there.

Maybe you have a touch of Imposter Syndrome, and think that any opinions should be handled by the experts. The only difference between you and these “industry experts” is that they put their opinions out there and don’t care if it’s right or wrong.

What’s your opinion on the future of your field based on the latest numbers? I’m sure people call you all the time and ask you your advice. Don’t just report the numbers that came out, put down your opinion of what it means going forward.

You can even have fun with it. Make a “Coming Year Predictions” post before the new year. The next year, look back and post about where you were right or wrong!

Google it

Google has some great products that’ll help with your blogger’s block.

Google Alerts

Google sends it search spiders all around the Internet finding new pages to put in their index.

Did you know that you can be alerted when it finds specific keywords on these new pages by setting up a Google Alert? Google will send you an email that contains the link to the page where they found the specific keywords that you wanted to be alerted about.

At the very minimum, you should have alerts setup for your name and the name of your business, so you know if someone is talking about either. Put the word of the name in quotations marks if you want it in exact order, so Will Paccione would give me more accurate results than Will Paccione.

Google Trends

People use search engines to search for anything and everything. Google Trends shows you how popular certain search terms are relative to total searches being performed on Google. The power behind it is that you can input your own search terms and compare them to any other terms. This is a great way for you to find what interests people over time. You can gain insight into what’s popular and what people are buzzing about.

You can search worldwide, by country, state, and city. There’s a “Forecast” check box so you can peer into the crystal ball to see how the data suggests how popular searches will be in the future.


Google Trends

Check out how interest on “kettlebell workout” skyrocketed a few years ago and is now as popular as “dumbbell workout”, even surpassing it at one point.

It will also breaks down regional interest for the search terms. Check out Google Trends, see what’s gaining traction and write about it!

Google Autocomplete

Google itself will suggest what searches people are doing online with Google Autocomplete. It’s a way to see what Google things you want to search for based on what others are searching for. From Google itself:

“Autocomplete predictions are automatically generated by an algorithm without any human involvement based on a number of objective factors, including how often past users have searched for a term.”

Keep in mind, in addition to showing what others are searching for, they also show your past searches (which you can clear out).

Google Autocomplete Suggestions

I know firsthand about bloggers block. It’s not easy to continually think of content that your readers will enjoy. So let’s fight the good fight together and put your blog gathering ideas below!

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