Become The Authority In Your Industry Part 2

If you’ve missed “Become The Authority In Your Industry part 1” , check it out here.

A tremendous part of your Online Marketing strategy is to put industry relevant content onto your website and the Internet on a continual basis. Blogging is super important, but if you don’t enjoy writing, fear not! There are other ways to get your information out to the world.

The other benefit here is that if you diversify how you put out your content, it allows for a broader audience that you may not quite reach if you only stick with one medium.


The word “Podcast” derived from the combination of the words iPod and Broadcast (though, no iPod needed). Any computer, phone, mp3 player, etc, will play podcasts just fine. Podcasting is just like having your own radio show that your audience can download and listen to anytime, anywhere they want.

Podcasts are convenient because it allows people to listen anytime, anywhere- in the gym, on boring train ride to work, or wherever. Give them some good content to listen to! Just like these other ways to establish yourself as an industry leader, podcasting allows you to broadcast entertainment, education, and information.

You can talk about the latest news in your industry, law changes, speak with guests that your targeted audience would like to hear, review products you’ve used, the list goes on and on.

Google Hangouts

For those not addicted to Google services like myself, Google Hangouts are part video chat, part video conferencing, part screen sharing, part live stream and part video recording. Got it? If you’re on a Google Hangout the screen will show everyone on their webcam, and puts the person speaking in a bigger frame up at the top. You can start your own live show and get it to the world.

Never underestimate the industry knowledge that you carry with you all day. There’s plenty of knowledge that people want (and need) to know.

Write a Whitepaper

People search for answers online, not necessarily knowing that they need your services. Why not offer them a step-by-step “101” of what they’re looking for? A downloadable whitepaper is a lot like a Blog article, very authoritative, but more polished.

Whitepapers help people and businesses solve problems. Make them into pdf’s and make them downloadable. If people are interested in your Whitepaper, they’re probably looking for your services. Ask the visitor to give you their email address to get the download. Setup an email autoresponder that’ll email them with the whitepaper after they submit it.

Remember to tag your whitepaper links so you can track your visitors in analytics!

So there are some other ways to help you be known as that “Go-to Person” when people think of anything in your industry!

Have any others that you like to use?

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