Become The Authority In Your Industry Part 1

Some people say knowledge is power. I disagree. Fill your head with information about a subject, sit on the couch all day and don’t use it- and you have no power. None. So let’s change that saying around a bit- How about “Use of knowledge is power.” If your career isn’t just a job, and you have a passion for what you do, then let’s show it.

One of the best way to establish yourself as an industry leader is to help your target audience solve common problems they’re facing in their industry with valuable information on a consistent basis. There are so many different platforms and websites to get your valuable content out to the world! Most of those channels can now be branded to match your company. Smartphones keep people connected 24/7. So if they’re already on there, you just need to put your great content in front of them. Use your Analytics to see what’s working. So how should you start?


Let’s start with the center of your company’s online world- your website. The basics of your website are who you are, what you do and how people can find you. However, it can’t end there! You need to have a Blog. A Blog is just part of your website that allows you to post articles anytime you want, without having to know any website code. As a business owner, you need to Blog on a continual basis with relevant information that your target audience needs and wants to hear. I know your next statement- “I don’t want to give them everything, or they won’t need me”. Don’t worry, people won’t be able to capture your talent, skill, years of experience and enthusiasm for your industry, just by reading your Blog. I’m allowed to represent myself in a Court of Law, but never would.

What should you Blog about? You can start your Blog with (change the %’s based on results along the way):

  • 50% posts about your industry. That would include news, law changes, common questions people ask you.
  • 25% posts about your company, like awards your company has won, conferences someone from your company has spoken at, maybe some video or photos of that speech.
  • The last 25% of posts should be loosely personal. The Internet is a cold, dark, impersonal place. These loosely personal articles allow people to get to know you a bit more beyond the business. If you’ve ever been out business networking, you’ll see that you get to know more people by establishing a relaxed relationship first. Light conversation as opposed to trying to hammer every person you see to give you business. By loosely personal blog articles- if you’re on a cruise and you met someone else in your industry from another part of the world- you may want to talk about how you met, and their views of the industry- maybe even have them guest blog on your website.

Guest Blog

Maybe your website is still being developed and you don’t have your company Blog up yet. Not to worry, there are still ways to get your word out. Writing a guest blog for another person’s website is one of the best things you can do to bring yourself credibility. Think of yourself as being brought in as the Industry Expert, which is a tremendous referral from the website owner. Run with it. Be that Industry Expert with confidence. You’ll also get a link from another website to yours (you have a website, right?). Not to mention, you’re doing a favor for the person whose website you’re blogging on because you’re adding good content to their website, which will keep people coming back for.


For some people, writing is like torture. Fear not! There’s still a way to get the great information from your head, to your audience. Video. YouTube is like having your own cable channel. Some quick YouTube stats from YouTube’s Press Statistics:

  • 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month.
  • Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month
  • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

People are watching! You can do whatever you want on your videos (within the law). You can promote products, start your own talk show, interview people in your industry, show your past presentations, do screen casts and much, much more. So if you don’t like to write, grab your video camera, webcam or phone camera and just record what’s on your mind, and upload away. Spoke on a webinar? Get the correct permissions and upload the webinar to YouTube. YouTube is the second most used Search Engine, right behind Google, so use it! Want more info? See Why you should have your own video channel.


You gave a great presentation, and uploaded the video of your speech to YouTube, though people can’t make out the slides behind you. No problem. Slideshare is for sharing presentations of any type, be it Powerpoints, PDF’s, webinars, videos and documents. Sync mp3 sound files with your slides, then embed them right onto your website, share slides publicly or privately. Upgrade to the Pro version of Slideshare for more branding, analytics and much more. Slideshare even has a Slidedeck on why you should use Slideshare (embedded below).

In closing, until I post a Part 2, set yourself a goal. Pick one of the above platforms and start establishing yourself as the Industry Leader you were born to be. This will help your business because: Authority + Trust = Conversions.

How do you establish yourself as an Industry Leader?

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