Why You Should Have a Video Channel

Businesses owners know that they need to keep themselves in front of their prospects on a consistent basis so they’re thought of when the prospect needs their services. Staying on top of search engine results pages  is always important. With all of Google’s algorithm changes recently, the importance is on content marketing. Or, put another way, putting out helpful, industry relevant content on a consistent basis.

Content marketing includes promoting your businesses’ Blog, sending out emails, Social Media management, Video marketing and more. The one I wanted to go over today was Video marketing. Video websites like YouTube allow you to start broadcasting your own content- much like on cable. You can run all of your own programming, have advertising, show screencasts, and pretty much, anything else you can think of. The best part? Video marketing doesn’t have to cost you a dime. It’s easy, convenient, it doesn’t have to be professionally produced, and it’s great for connecting with prospects.

Think of how incredible that is. YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler and many more, allow you to upload your videos and let the world watch and it doesn’t cost you anything. At last count, YouTube users upload 72 hours of video each minute! That’s up from 48 hours a minute a year prior.

Let’s explore YouTube a bit further.

  • Until YouTube feels that they can trust you, you’re allowed you to upload videos 15 minutes long. This is to prevent the uploading of any pirated, copyrighted content. Once they like you, you get up to one hour. To get them to trust you, your account must be in good standing, you nned to have verified your account with a mobile phone, and your account has no worldwide ContentID blocks on on any content.
  • The Social Aspect of YouTube – YouTube allows viewers the ability to subscribe to your video channel. Subscribers are alerted when you upload new content. They’ll be updated through email after you upload each video, or in “Subscription Updates” emails, which come once a week. Users can also “like” your videos, put a comment under them, share them on their Social Platforms and embed the video on their website. Obviously sharing them on their favorite Social Media platforms is a big part of how a video goes “viral”. Going “Viral” means that your video catches on like a virus, from one person to others. Keep in mind- one “share” on Twittter or Facebook can be seen by hundreds, possibly thousands of other people. Those others can do the same.
  • The ease of YouTube – You can record videos with your webcam right from the YouTube website. You can also upload videos you’ve recorded already. Just click the upload link to the right of YouTube’s search bar. Our phones have truly amazing cameras these days. Not only can they take great pictures, but they can record great video as well. All you need to do is record from your phone and use the YouTube app to automatically upload the video.
  • Annotate your videos. Talking about a specific topic ? Make it a point to give your viewers a link to the info by having the link show up when you talk about it. Besides links, you can also add notes, speech bubbles, titles, spotlights, labels, pauses and causes. Learn more about annotating your videos here.

At the end of your videos, make sure you ask people to subscribe to your channel, share your videos, like your videos, favorite your videos, comment on your videos. You want people to watch and interact, share, etc.

Though, even if you ask people to subscribe, not everyone will. You need to get people to watch your videos through other means- Email marketing, Social Media… and yes, word of mouth. Keep in mind- straight from YouTube’s mouth “All user Channels with greater than two uploads are indexed in search results.”.

What type of videos should you make? I’ll tackle that in another post!

What types of videos get your attention?

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