Mobile Search Engine Habits

What are we doing while away from our computers? We’ve all heard someone say “Can’t you just stay off of that phone for a second!” (usually the person saying it is guilty of the same thing).

At Google’s latest event, we’re shown how our search habits have been changed by our mobile devices.

Google has shown what most of us have already known. We use our phones for more that just making calls. A lot more. Not even including Social Media, we search the heck out of everything, all day and all week long- on different hardware.


As you can see from Google’s graph, search on the desktop/laptop starts strong on Monday, continues throughout the week, then drops off on Friday as we leave our jobs. Search drops off even more on Saturday as we spend time with our family and friends and away from our computers.

However, when we’re away from our computers, you’ll see that we still have the need to search. We still have the need to Google something- if you’re like me, you’re searching for places to eat, directions, pulling up a search to prove to a friend that you’re right about something.


You’ll see that the mobile search graph shows not only are we still searching, but our search increases on Saturday. Time away from our home/work computer = more time on our mobile computers.

Remember, these are graphs of search, not total Internet activity- Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. This is just search!

Let’s take it down to the daily level.

Google Search Graph 2

From Google’s above graph, you’ll see that search peaks during the work day, then drops off slightly as the night goes on (we work later and later!). However, as seen below- when desktop search drops off, mobile search picks up.

Google Mobile Search 2

Want to watch the whole event? Check it out:

Google sees the huge potential for mobile search. When do you do the most searching?

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