How To Determine Changes On Your Website Redesign

website-redesignEvery two or so years, websites can get to look a bit old. For every year in real life, the Internet goes through 12. Part of the reason for this innovation is Social Media. Social Media allows a massive amount of people to communicate and collaborate on projects, code, design, and just about everything else, all in real time.

So you’re at the point where you see the need to update your website, but aren’t sure what to change. Here are some of the things you should explore when redesigning your website.

Break down your Analytics – Whether you use Google Analytics or another Analytics program, this information gives you a wealth of information. Some of the things you can check are

  • Where are visitors spending most of their time? Do these pages have calls to action? An example would be your Blog. If people are continually going to your website to read your Blog, do you have a call to action in the sidebar? If you’re writing about Health Insurance, do people know you’ll give them a free quote (if you do)?
  • Where are people leaving your website? Are they consistently leaving the site from the same pages? Do those pages need to communicate better? Are those pages directing people to other area that can give people more information?
  • Services like ClickTale, track and record your visitors website movements. I’ve literally seen people watch the recording and say “It’s right there!! Click it!!” With that being said, make sure your visitors can easily find the content you want them to find.

Check your Blog comments – Blog, blog, blog… I know, I always say it. You can get a lot from reading your blog comments. Are people asking for anything specific? Blog about it! If they’re asking about it enough, write a Whitepaper about it. To get the Whitepaper, just ask for their email address.

Does your website match your business model?

If you’ve had your current website for a couple of years, there’s a good chance your business may have changed a bit. You may want to put more focus on different services than you had with your other website. Think about setting up the direction you want to send your visitors based on the percentage of each service you want. You may be a corporate tax attorney and a bankruptcy attorney, and you want to get more clients in the corporate tax arena. Take that into consideration when you redesign the website.


  • Do you have someone in the office who is in front of the computer most of the day? You may want a Click-to-chat.
  • Do you have a website that is mobile specific? Mobile websites are paramount now.
  • If you Blog, do you have a way for your visitors to share it with their Social Media connections?
  • Do you prefer to update your website yourself? You may want your website in a CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to easliy update your website on the fly.

There are plenty of other things you can look at when redesigning your website! Have anything to add? Throw it in the comments below. As always, contact me for more information.

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