Email going away? Not when it comes to Shopping

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said caught a bit of flack at a conference on June 16th when she said, “Email is probably going away”. Before we all start abandoning our email accounts and taking them off out business cards- you might want to read on.

While SMS texting and Social Media communication are on the rise, they’re still in their infancy. What is the best way for businesses to communicate with their customers? Now, I knew Sheryl Sandberg’s eulogy was a bit early and exaggerated, but the stats for the preference of email marketing when it comes to receiving ads and coupons shocked even me.

The study I’m referring to was done by Econsultancy called “How We Shop in 2010: Habits and Motivations of Consumers“. Ecommerce is very popular, but still only accounts for 8% of retail shopping. Most of our purchases are offline, though online product research, user comments and reviews relate to offline purchases. Stefan Tornquist and Jake Hird who wrote the report go on to say:

“Winners in the equation will be those who use digital communications to best enable and influence offline purchases.”

The stats on how we the consumers, like to receive our coupons, shipping information, sales updates and more show that most people prefer email… by a landslide.


42% by email. Wow. Maybe it’s because people feel they can come back to the email marketing later when they have time to read the promotion more carefully? Possibly it’s something people want to hold on to, and Social Media communications come and go which make it more time sensitive?

Below is the breakdown by age. Email still crosses age barriers and dominates.


Even eMarketer showed Email still holds the championship belt.


How about you? How do you prefer to receive promotions and coupons from your favorite stores?

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