WIIFM – Remember Your Analytics Basics Part 1

I was talking to a friend and respected business partner Barb Helfman. She told me a great story about how much money UPS saved in gas just by adjusting their routes to make as many right turns as possible. See, their trucks didn’t have to wait and idle at stop lights at right turns (except in New York) and they didn’t have to wait and navigate through another lane of traffic to get to their lane. Now anyone who knows me personally, knows I will always check the facts so I don’t spread urban legends. So I found some good articles that made me a believer.

I started thinking how that can relate to websites. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.


In all of sales history, WIIFM can sum up the prospects motivation. WIIFM =  What’s In It For Me? At every turn, no matter what you say or what your prospect sees, they’re asking themselves “What’s In It For Me?” Yes, we are a selfish bunch.

The question you should be asking yourself is: Does your website solve their WIIFM question?

Look at your company’s home page for 5 seconds, then look away. If you were a potential customer would you  see what you’re looking for? In other words, is it easy for a customer to see “Can this company solve my current problem”? You may love what you do, but be honest with yourself- you’re in business to make a profit. Clearly state on your Home Page what you can do for your visitors. Steer visitors to the areas that will give them more information to hire you.

Google Analytics

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Where are your visitors clicking? Do you know? In Google Analytics (I hope you have Google Analytics or another analytics program on your website by now!) you can go to Content > Site Overlay. This will tell you where your visitors are clicking on each specific page. It’ll tell you what’s most apparent and or important to them.

Ask yourself:

Is there an area you’d like to send your visitors to? If you have an area that you want your visitors to get to- is it clearly marked? Make sure that button can be easily found no matter what page they’re on.

Is there good, helpful content on your website so your prospects will return?

The latest studies show that people don’t mind clicking, just as long as they know they’re headed in the right direction. So make the path to get to their pain solving solution easy.

What pages are your visitors spending most of their time? Where do you want them to spend most of their time? Where are they leaving?

You can’t read the minds of your visitors (yet), but your Analytics numbers will give you a good picture to what’s going on on your website.

With that being said- I hope you check your numbers and stats regularly… and then make adjustments to your website. Because a bunch of the little things can add up.

What Analytics program do you use?

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