Facebook and Your Privacy II

Facebook, in an effort to rule the Internet, once again does it at the expense of their users privacy. Not too long ago Facebook caused an uproar when they gave you the option to change their updated privacy settings. Unfortunately the default picks were set for public sharing of your information. So if you bypassed that screen, you were now exposed to many more people than you originally thought.

FacebookvsPrivacyGoogle itself made a couple of guffaws with their privacy settings when they released Google Buzz, but have since fixed the issue. When you do a Google search, whether you’re logged in or not, Google knows what IP address you’re at and can refine the Search Results page based on what you’ve previously clicked. However, I think Facebook has hit a whole new level of privacy breach. One of the reasons I saw Facebook as becoming more popular than MySpace was because of its privacy settings. MySpace wanted people to search for more connections. You can search for specific genders, age an relationship status too. Facebook was private unless you decided to open your profile. even the amount of people you can open your Facebook profile to was limited to 5000 friends (unless you’re a business)

Now Facebook is trading in their popular “Share” button seen at the bottom of Blogs and articles for the

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