What are Businesses Doing on Facebook and Twitter?

“Okay Will, I’m on Facebook and Twitter, now what?”

OK, so maybe I recommend (read: yell) to my clients about the power of Social Media Marketing and Networking.

What are businesses doing on Facebook and Twitter? Here’s a rundown [Souce: eConsultancy: Full Report]:

  • 55% Facebook 50% Twitter: Improving their brand awareness and reputation
  • 47% Facebook 47% Twitter: Using it as a marketing channel
  • 46% Facebook, 49% Twitter: To publicize new content
  • 37% Facebook, 42% Twitter: Brand monitoring
  • 25% Facebook, 23% Twitter: Reacting to customer service issues and inquiries.

So what does this tell us? Businesses are starting to understand that it’s not all about immediate Return on Investment (ROI). You have to engage with your clients and potential clients on Social Media to gain their trust. In the long-run, you’ll gain their business. I always use Dell’s Twitter account as an example.

  • Just by being accessible and publicly helping customers, they’re helping their brand and reputation.
  • They Tweet out specials using Twitter as a marketing channel to communicate to people who opted in to receive their message.
  • Dell reacts and promptly takes care of customer service issues which helps their Brand.



It all comes around! Get involved and be AVisible!

[Souce: eConsultancy: Full Report]

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