Ratings and Reviews on Your Website

When setting up an eCommerce website for a client sometimes they have the option to have ratings and reviews for their products. I’m a bit surprised by how many clients choose to opt-out of this feature. Many think that people will just post a bad review because it can be anonymous. Others think their competitor will just keep ripping their products apart.

I’ve always felt that the positive reviews would overcome the bad reviews. Not to mention, keeping the bad reviews on the website would also give more credibility to the reviews as a whole. However, I was really surprised when I saw the below chart. [Source: Bazaarvoice via Econsultancy blog, Econsultancy Internet Statistics Compendium]:


Simple: If people have a good experience, they’re very likely to give a positive review on your website.

The above chart shows that 87% of people in the US and 86% of people in the UK have given mostly positive feedback to a company/product in the last 30 days. Get this:

  • In the US: Online reviews are second only to word of mouth when it comes to influencing consumer purchasing decisions, according to a US survey by Rubicon Consulting. [Source: Rubicon, Oct 2008]
  • Internationally: Online user reviews and recommendations have replaced recommendations from friends and family as the most influential channel for European consumers. Every market surveyed by Weber Shandwick cited online reviews as their principal source of information (26%). [Source: Weber Shandwick, October 2009, Econsultancy Internet Statistics Compendium]

Their main reasons for giving reviews:


Reviews on your website

  • Help others get the right product.
  • Build your brand by gaining trust from your visitors
  • Provide more content around those products with product related keyword phrases and updated content helping in your Search Engine Optimization process.

What are your thoughts on giving reviews and feedback on your products?

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