Social Media Starts with Your Blog

I met with a great crew today over at Construction Notebook. For those of you who don’t know, the Construction Notebook is a publication that is the end-all, be-all resource for construction in Las Vegas and Arizona. They have latest bids, permits, new construction, old construction, and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t even understand.

ConstructionNotebookBasically, they’re helping businesses in the construction industry find work.

Their question to me was: “How do we get more subscribers?”

The answer (which was another question): “How do you get potential subscribers continually going to your website, in turn exposing them to your services?”

Businesses can easily offer something free to get someone to spend time on your website. That free thing is your Team’s insight into your industry. You got it… a Blog. Put industry relevant, easily shareable content on your website and the word will spread.

Their current website serves their company purpose. They post all the new information for projects for the construction industry in real time.

However, when I arrived at the office, I saw their company in a whole different light. The team behind the publication was friendly, fun and informal, yet professional… Which was great for me because everyone who knows me, knows how I hate formal dress codes. They even have dog running around the office.

A Team so entrenched in their industry would make me want to know their thoughts on industry insights, views, reviews, one-on-one interviews and team shenanigans. It would make me go back to the website on a continual basis. This is something most businesses leave out of their website… Personality!

I like to get to know people before I do business with them. The Construction Notebook can start their relationships with their potential subscribers before meeting them face-to-face by getting a Team Blog. Much like the Zappos Blog.

Event though Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn seem to be getting all of the press, Social Media starts with your company Blog.

Check them out, and tell them how much you’d like to see a Blog on the Construction Notebook website.

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