Website Content Checklist

You’ve stopped procrastinating and finally hired someone to design and develop your website. So, now you can sit back, wait a month or two and see what results the people you hired came up with.

No! Not the case! Your work has started too. We need content!

Some items you’ll need to collect:

  • Company Logo – Try not to use the one from your current website which has probably been shrunk and compressed 10x over. You probably have an original somewhere. Get as many formats as you can.
  • Team pictures and Bios
  • Awards, associations, affiliations, certifications, licenses, charities – Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, etc. Do you have permission to use their logos on your website?
  • Are your email addresses hosted internally?
  • When someone fills out the contact form on your website, who will it go to?
  • Client testimonials. Don’t have any? Ask your past clients. They’ll be happy to provide.
  • Is it an eCommerce website? Tangible or downloadable goods? If they’re tangible, you’ll need to have pictures of the items. The more professional the pictures, the better.
  • Do you have a portfolio or body of work? We’ll want to put those pictures online. Start taking a camera and or flip video camera with you everywhere. Use it for industry events, pics of your clients, projects, etc.
  • Do you want to use your own pictures, or use stock photos?
  • Content!! – Once again, you know your business better than us! We can fine tune the copy it to making it website visitor friendly.

Did I miss anything?

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