Blogging Ideas

If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I tell all of my clients to start Blogging. Many people get excited about it, yet aren’t sure what to Blog about. There are Blog idea lists all over the Internet. Well… here’s mine

You can Blog about:

  • The last conversation topic you had with a client.
  • Blog about your industry news. Just type your industry into Google News
  • Ask the person who answers the phone in your office. What’s the most commonly asked question they get asked? Address that question in detail on your Blog. Next time they answer the client’s question, they can send them to your website to read a more in-depth answer.
  • A strong opinion you may have about something going on in your industry.
  • How your industry came into play on your last vacation.
  • New law changes in your industry.
  • Lists always make great Blogs. List all the things a potential client would need to gather for your first meeting with them. Send them there!
  • What a client should expect on a first visit with you. As well as a list of things and paperwork to bring.
  • Write about an accomplishement or award you received. Brag a bit!
  • Make an industry prediction
  • Write about things outside of your industry. People will get to know you better by reading these.
  • Write about your favorite Twitter follower *Blush*
  • Blog about the last industry event you went to. Record and post some video with your phone from it with Qik.
  • Write about another person’s Blog post that you disagree with.
  • Make a funny or sarcastic post.

Keep the list going. Post your comments below!

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