Is your Website Living up to its Potential?

*POW* I just gave you your own cable channel and told you that you can promote your business with it however you want. Would you accept it? Of course you would!

Now what if I told you you have the same ability with your website? Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don’t utilize it, but you can treat your website as your own all-in-one media channel. I always say “Your website shouldn’t just advertise your business, it should be part of your business.”

Make your website your own newspaper with your Blog. Blog about industry news, company news, and even some personal experiences. Start your own TV show and make company webisodes (Vlog) like Gary Vaynerchuk does with Wine Library TV. Keep in mind: Your videos don’t need to be professionally edited- people will relate better to something casual. Your webcam will do just fine. Broadcast live video directly to the internet using UStream and embed it onto your website. UStream also lets you broadcast directly from your cell phone, as does Qik. Create podcasts so people can listen on their mp3 players. The possibilities are endless! The whole point is to get people coming back to your website so that you’re in the forefront of their mind when they need your services.

Most importantly, you won’t need to contact your web guy when you want to update your website. The technology is available today that will allow you to update your own website anytime you want. Don’t worry, if done correctly, you won’t be able to do (too much) harm. When we make websites, we give you the user the ability to make updates and changes and it’s as easy as using a text editor.

Your website should be your communication to all of your current, past and potential clients.

What are you waiting for? How do you communicate your business to the outside world?

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