Blogging and Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization for your website is a lot more that just adding the correct meta keywords (which are all but irrelevant these days) to the code of your website. Essential to any good Search Engine Optimization strategy is getting incoming links from other websites. Incoming links aren’t the only part of a good Search Engine Optimization strategy, but an extremely important part of it. Asking all of your friends who own websites to link to you isn’t the answer. It’s being listed in (industry) directories and linking to and from industry related websites- which is what I want to focus on today. So how do you get others to link to your company website?

Throughout the years we’ve all clipped a helpful article out of the newspaper to save for later and share with others. However, have you ever clipped, saved or shared an advertisement out of the newspaper? Me either. If your website is just an ad for your business saying who you are, what you do and your contact info, why would anyone want to link to it? However, if you write good, helpful industry relevant content in your Blog, people might want to share it with their readers and link to that specific Blog entry on your website. They might comment on it, agree with it or disagree with it. They might call you out and start a Blog fight. Sometimes shocking commentaries can gain a lot of incoming links from others pointing out how they adamantly disagree with your views. That’s okay! Don’t do it just to gain attention, but do speak your mind.

You may have noticed, the internet is full of great free information. Before I buy anything, I always research it online. If a company is willing to give me some good tips that will help me in my buying decision, giving them my business might make more sense than just getting a lower price somewhere else. I’d also pass that info along and save it for later by using a social bookmarking service like StumbleUpon which also gives the website Blog a link.

Blogs, if setup correctly should give the title of the blog a heading designation (most common I’ve seen is Heading 2). This tells Google that these words hold a bit more relevance than the rest of the text on the page. So try to get your keywords into the title, but without sounding like you’re writing for the search engines. Write for your readers, then check it to see where you might be able to adjust some words without making it ridiculously obvious that you’re trying stuff keywords in there.

Blogs are great because Google (and other Search Engines) love updated and relevant content. Google doesn’t like websites that collect dust. The more you update it with your industry relevant content, you’ll have a better chance of scoring higher and the Googlebot will return more frequently. Blogging will add your industry relevant content to your website. Don’t get discouraged if you feel no one is reading your Blog! Google is.

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