Google Search Engine Options

Google, not known for sitting on it’s laurels, is at it again. Their Search Engine Team just rolled out it new features with its Search Results Options which helps Searchers get more refined Search Results. Nandu (sp?) from Google calls it “Filtering, Refining and Further exploring the Search results”.

CameronRichardsonThe long and short of it:

Do a search. Click “Show Options” on the top left (next to “Web”). In the left hand column that just opened- you can further refine your results- Videos, Forums or Reviews. You can filter according to timeline- Recent, past 24 hours, week, year, etc.

My favorite option? Willy’s Wonder Wheel (okay, just Wonder Wheel). Google’s Wonder Wheel let’s you drill down into your subject by opening up progressively more specific “branches” – (see the image).

Also, check the timeline feature. You can get progressively closer to your date by clicking year, then month. Coolness. Here it is, straight from the Google Search Engine Team.

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