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Well, “Change” has come already… To the website. I’m know everyone has their feelings about our new President, but I’ll share one of my feelings about the new administration… The new Whitehouse website kicks butt.

No sooner did our new President take office and our first “Internet President” has kept up his Social Media ways with a new interactive website.

Whitehouse-websiteHow is the website different?

A lot has to do with it’s interactive features allowing people to comment on legislation before it becomes law, get email updates to changes that are happening in our Government and some slick jQuery features.

Now SEO friendly – The old website blocked Search Engine access to about 2500 of it’s pages. The funny thing is that these weren’t private pages. Anyone could access them yet they were blocked from Search Engines’ eyes. Well no more. They must have employed a search engine optimization specialist. Websites have a file called “robots.txt” file which tell Search Engines which pages not to crawl. Previously the Whitehouse website’s robots.txt file did not allow Google or the other search engines in. Check out the new Robots.txt file. What does it mean? No pages are blocked to Search Engines. Just to compare, check out their old robots.txt file which lists all the pages that are banned from search engines crawlers.

Email updates- the new website wants your input on the country and will keep you informed on things pertinent to our government by allowing you email access to staff and email updates from them to your inbox.

Blog – If you know me personally or have read my other Blog posts, you might think I’m earning money every time I mention the word “Blog” (Unfortunately, I’m not). Well now, even the President has a nice blog on his website and copied my idea of putting the headlines on the Home Page (okay, maybe it wasn’t my idea). However the Blog isn’t open for comments – yet.

All he needs is a section for “Friend Me Up!” to link to his accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc.

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