Top 12 List to Prove You’ve Mastered Social Media

So 2009 is here and you think you finally grasped this whole “Web 2.0” Social Media thing. However, some of you (read as “us”) have hit the brink of obsession with it. Here’s how you know you’ll be ready for Web 3.0 and beyond…

#12:  Not only do you have a Twitter account, but you know why you’d use: Qwitter, Tweet Grid, Twollow, TwitTangle, Tweet Deck, Twitter Spy, Twitter Charts, Twitter Grader, and

#11:  You’ve had your LinkedIn Account suspended because too many people you tried connecting with clicked the “I don’t know this person” button.

#10:  You bribe your friends with Starbucks to comment on your Blog (if you reside in the Las Vegas area, contact me for details.)

#9:  You’ve lost a Friend/Girlfriend/Boyfriend over your Top Friends on MySpace.

#8:  You’ve engaged in a Blog Comment fight with another Commenter. Neither of you own the Blog…

#7:  You know how to shrink a link, and why you’d do it.

#6:  You tweet on your phone before rolling over to say good morning to the person lying next to you.

#5:  When you tell people that you’re having “Dinner with friends”, you mean dinner by yourself but streaming it to friends on Qik with your phone.

#4:  You cried when Pownce was shut down (RIP – December 15, 2008)

#3:  You laugh at, and think people are uneducated when they ask you “Who’s this Gary Vaynerchuk guy you keep talking about”?

#2: You think how jealous all the High School Girls who wouldn’t date you would be if they knew how popular you are on on Facebook.

AND #1 by a Landsl… Plane crash: You survive a plane crash and one of the first things on your mind is to post about it on Twitter.

Post your own below (don’t make me shell out more on Starbucks).

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