Search Results with Google Search Wiki

Notice anything different when you do a Google Search? If you’re logged in to Google, check you’re search results page after doing a search and you’ll see what I mean.

You’ll see that you can adjust the rankings on the search results page by clicking the light gray buttons on the right of each individual result. Move’em up, down, off the page, or comment on them.

This is called Google Search Wiki. The goal of Google Search Wiki is to make your future searches more relevant to what you’re searching for. Understand that the Search Engine’s goal is to give the Searcher relevant results based on their search terms.

Your adjustments will only affect your future results (not other people’s searches). You’re seeing how search will evolve – it will be based on your individual “Intent”.

This will be more widely adopted by search engines in the near future. If you search for “Insurance” and you’ve ranked a lot of your previous search results based on being in the Insurance industry, your results may be geared towards industry resources. If you’re not in the industry, you may get more results based on shopping for insurance. Like I said in another Blog entry… One more way the Internet is giving “Power to the People”.

Search Engine Optimization is a constantly moving target. Competition, Search Engines improving their algorithms, and soon, users improving their own search results page make Search Engine Optimization a full time job! Isn’t it time you outsourced your SEO?

Amay, from Google describes Google Search Wiki:

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