Are your visitors Bouncing?

Problem: You’re very involved in Internet Marketing for your website and you’re getting lots of visitors, but no one’s staying! Even worse, they’re leaving after the first page. This frustration is called The Dreaded “Bounce Rate”.

Avinash Kaushik, The Analytics Evangelist for Google, describes Bounce Rate as “I came, I puked, I left”.

Everyone needs instant gratification these days. Visitors spend about 25 seconds on your Home Page. Get this: They don’t spend that 25 seconds reading. They spend it looking for the next place to click. If they don’t see their next destination right in front of their face… they’re gone.

Let’s try to analyze what’s happening.

First thing is first. Do you have some kind of Analytics software installed on your site? It doesn’t matter which one you use, however you have NO EXCUSE not to have any! – Google Analytics is free.

Some of the things to look at that might help you lower your Bounce rate:

  • Where is your traffic coming from? Email Marketing? Search Engines? Someone complaining about your site on their Blog? A social bookmarking site like Digg or StumbleUpon?
  • What Keywords are your visitors finding you with? If you’re selling antique rugs and people are finding you with “How to clean a smelly rug”, then you’ll know why people aren’t staying. If you’re running an AdWords campaign and this is your problem, you’ll need to learn and use negative keywords (a conversation for another day).
  • What are the Top Landing Pages? If visitors are going to your site just to read your latest Blog entry, then you might understand why they’re bouncing. If you want them to explore further, you’ll need to do something to your Blog pages to get them to further explore your services. If they’re hitting your Home Page and leaving, you might want to make your key services prominent somewhere so they can see it without scrolling no matter what their screen size.

So what are good Bounce Rate #’s? Simply put – Better numbers than the previous ones. Hmm. Maybe I’ll coin that.

Start checking your Analytics on a regular basis and contact me for questions.

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