Keep Your Website Visitors Longer pt 2

So now people are going to your site. However from your Analytics (Site stats) you’re seeing that people are leaving after the 1st page (Bounce rate). Or, they’re spending mere seconds on your site instead of the hours that you’d like. Here are some more tips to keep them on your site longer.

  1. How well do your pictures relate to the page on which they exist? Are they clear or grainy? A nice picture will serve a couple of functions. It’ll break up a page full of text and it’ll give the visitor a hint whether the page has the info they’re looking for.
  2. Do your links look like links (colored AND/OR underlined) and are they well defined? People don’t read web pages, they scan them for the info they’re looking for. Their eyes go to links so make sure they contain the most important keyword of the page they’re sending your visitors to. (#7: See Jakob Nielsen’s Top Ten Guidelines for Homepage Usability.
  3. Don’t use your industry jargon. Don’t put  “Muscle Hypertrophy” on a Personal Training website, when you can put “Muscle Gain” and mean more to so many more people.
  4. The most important thing for keeping people on your site… Have good content!!

Here’s a question to ask yourself: Would one of your clients continually go to your website?

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