Google Chrome Review

Ahh Chrome. Brings back memories of my 1980 Cutlass Supreme.

Chrome has been in the news lately because of Google- and it’s not my old car rims that everyone’s talking about (they must not have seen them). Google has jumped head first into the browser wars with their new web browser- called Chrome (Free from Google)

First Impressions

The first thing you notice about Chrome is it’s minimalistic design which is prevalent with Google products. Case-in-point, their Home Page hasn’t changed in 10 years.

Google has combined it’s tabbed browsing with the browser title bar which saves a lot of space. The tabs are on the very top of the screen.

A great feature is when you open a new tab. The new tab has mini-windows of your most visited pages. Convenient!

Under The Hood

One of the appealing things about chrome is it’s tabbed browsing runs all of the tabs in independent of each other. People have adapted to tabbed browsing (I can’t live without it) and now Chrome takes it to another level with each tab operating in it’s own environment. If one tab crashes, it doesn’t affect the others. Great for when your multi-tasking and a tragic crash occurs.

Why didn’t Google just buy Firefox? Although I see some kind of relationship between Chrome and Firefox in the future beyond their current relationship (Google’s search bar built into Firefox) they thought it was best to start from scratch. One of the main reasons is the execution of javascript. Google Chrome’s executes javascript faster than any other browser.

Firefox not to be outdone, said that their version 3.1, which is currently in Alpha 2, will compute javascript faster than Chrome.

Don’t Miss Features

Something that will definitely come in handy is Google’s Omnibar. One bar that functions as both the address bar AND a search bar. Type an address or keyphrases and it’ll give you the choice of sending you to the site or doing a Google Search for your terms.

Something gaining a lot of attention is IE’s upcoming browser feature that people have dubbed “Porn Mode”. It allows you to browse in private, without any footprints or proof of where you’ve been on your computer. Privacy Mode is also incorporated into Chrome and called the “Incognito Window”. This is available for Firefox as a third party add-on but will be available out-of-the-box with Firefox 3.1.

Chrome has some great features, but needs time to see usability issues which no doubt will make it even better.

For now, I’ll stick with FF as my main browser because of all the add-on customizations currently 34 with 30 active. However Google Chrome is Open Source which means that developers have access to the code so they can make their own customized add-ons.

Check out what Google says:

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