Check your website Part II

A good friend of mine asked me why was it that when he typed his exact company/website name into Google, his website didn’t come up under the results.  His website’s been up for about 4 months, and this is not a good thing!  We even typed his address into the Google search bar (not the http: address bar) and his site still didn’t come up!  The reason- Google hasn’t spidered (indexed) his site.  Why?

This could be a number of reasons, but mainly the people that developed his website didn’t submit it correctly if at all!  I say correctly because simply submitting to Google (and other engines, if they even did this) will take a looooong time because of all of the SPAM sites that get submitted.  If he had an Internet Consultant and not someone who just made his site and walked away, he wouldn’t have had this issue!

To check to see if your site is in Google’s index: Type the site address into the Google SEARCH bar, not the address bar, at the top of the browser- ex. on google’s home page.

Tune in next time to find out the ways to get submited

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