What’s Your Website’s Comfort Level?

I always say it: The Internet is a cold, dark, impersonal place.  Just because a business has a website doesn’t mean they have good customer service, or that they’ll “do the right thing” when push comes to shove.  Visitors know this info and automatically have their guard up when they visit your site.

Is your website making people feel comfortable enough to do business with you?
Are you giving them enough information to build your credibility?
Are you using a secure server (https) when they’re sending you private sensitive information?
What are you doing to give potential clients a positive experience?
What are you doing comfort-wise to separate yourself from your competitions’ websites?

Remember, people don’t “Surf” the internet anymore.  They want to get in, get what they need, and get out.  You have a very small amount of time to show them what they want as well as making them feel “safe”.

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