What function does your website serve?

  One of my new sayings is: “Your website shouldn’t just promote your business… It should be a part of your business”.  People are finally starting to realize that their websites can be used to not only get people to be aware that they’re “in business”, but to get current clients to continually go back to their website for useful information.  The reasons are clear:

  • Increase Client Loyalty- clients who currently use your services/products will look at you and your business as a trusted resource for more information on that product/service… and they’ll look to you when they need to make future purchases.
  • Viral Marketing- Make it easy for a current clients to tell someone else about your business.  They can pass on the [insert your business name] Virus.
  • Make it easy for potential clients to see how happy past clients of your services are.

How do you make your website part of your business?

  • Have a resource section on your site
  • Start Blogging
  • Set up a Calendar of Events
  • Add a “Pass this on to a friend” box on your website
  • Add a “Sign up for our newsletter” on your website
  • Answer questions from visitors

Ask yourself the tough questions:  If someone already has your businesses contact information, do they have a reason to visit your website?

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