SEO- A lesson at someone else’s expense

  We can learn a lot about Search Engine Optimization from the Google Bombing incident at the end of January directed at the Church of Scientology.  A Google Bomb is when Search Engine Rankings are influenced by a group of people linking certain words in the link text toward that site.  For instance, if I had a choice, I’d like the words website design linked to my website instead of a click here.  The Google Bombers linked the words “dangerous cult” to the Church’s site.  When you typed those keyphrases into Google, they were #1.  President Bush was Google Bombed in late 2003 and linked to the words “miserable failure”.

  In the eyes of Search Engines, incoming links count a lot toward the ranking of your website.  Incoming links with the keyphrases you want associated with your site will help even more.  To Search Engines, those key phrases are now associated with your website.  Get eough people to do it and now your #1.

  Google has since changed its indexing so the keyphrases associated with the website have to be on the landing page for them to hold any weight.

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